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Jaipur, Rajasthan, India !

Handmade Printed Quilt offered by us are ideal for making your present and future warm and comfortable...

An Overview

The importance of quilts in our lives cannot be described in words. In winters, all a person needs is nothing more than a comfy and warm quilt to survive the chilly winter nights. However, its importance is often overlooked during other seasons. And, with the changing time, its need has also changed. As a large percentage of people have air conditioners at their homes, they need quilts to get cozy while enjoying the cool air of air conditioners. Since quilts are available round the year, regardless of the season; we, Abdul Sabir & Sons, seized the opportunity and began our business operations as a manufacturer of quilts. Today, it has been over a decade and we have come a long way by quilting Printed Double Bed Quilt, Handmade Printed Quilt, King Size Handmade Quilt and Baby Handmade Quilt. Quilting is an art that only some are able to master and this is evident from our work. The detailing in our quilts is the evidence of our collection being superior to other brands. And, we feel immensely proud in proving this right every time we receive an order.

Choose Us Because…

From simple designs to the intricate ones, we have all the designs and patterns that can a person think of to have in their quilts. Since the time of our emergence, we have been putting in efforts to make our customers happy and this is being the reason; we are the most loved company in quilting business. We work to spread happiness and comfort through our quilts. Our quilters along with our other team mates, complete their tasks within the stipulated time period for ensuring no delay is made in delivering all the orders for Floral Printed Quilt, Baby Handmade Quilt, etc. Some other reasons that make us the best are as follows-
  • Ethical business policies
  • Timely order delivery
  • High quality at affordable price
Color Play

It is important that all the colors of soft furnishings and the furniture is well-coordinated to enhance the overall appeal of a place. Living rooms are always more active in comparison to the bedrooms. Bedrooms are supposed to be private, comfortable and cozy. For different likes and needs of different people, we bring forth a collection of Handmade Double Bed Quilt, Floral Printed Quilt and more. Available in wide variety of colors, designs and patterns, our collection allows the buyers add that wow factor to their bedrooms without compromising on the comfort level.

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